To see you smile is to feel the sun, Your Grace.

Virginia and Bill make up their background stories.(x)

So, I have nothing to offer you. Except, maybe the truth.
I finally realized that there is one thing I can’t live without.

It’s you. You.

- What is that?
- I’m just cataloguing all my footage that’s from our time at Maternity. It’s from two years ago.

"'It' meaning what? Chemistry; something that can't be
explained or quantified?"
"Yes, that spark."




- Don’t you think there’s something healthy about that?
- Healthy? In the sense of…?
- Well, a good way for a couple to iron out their differences.

inspired by x

We could have an affair. So many people do.

Censorship perpetuates shame,which,in turn,fosters ignorance.And ignorance prevents change.
- Bill Masters, Masters of Sex 2x11 (via mastersofsex-fantastic)

we’re scientists. let’s see.

Bill and Virginia S2